Critical Democrat Pedophile Theory

Critical Democrat Pedophile Theory teaches that pedophilia and child molestation are inherent in the advocacies of Democrat voters. Through in-group cultivation of their shared confirmation bias, Democrats propagate among themselves the methods for avoiding the consequences of their molestation of children.

Characteristics that show that pedophilia and child molestation are endemic to Democrat voters include:

  1. Democrats oppose the written rule of law, as written laws provide a framework for penalizing and preventing their rapes of innocent children.
  2. Democrats oppose any individual responsibility for individual actions, and attempt to shift blame for misdeeds to larger groups. Normalization of collectivist culpability is their attempt to dilute their own deserved punishment for their child molestation.
  3. Democrats often make false accusations against others, without providing evidence of wrongdoing, as an attempt to distract from their own depravity and an effort to discredit those who would hold them accountable for their pedophile behavior.
  4. Democrats prove their guilt of child molestation by denying that they are child molesters. The more insistent they are that they are not pedophiles, the more guilty they are, and the greater the risk they pose to children in their families and communities.