A list of terms used by Democrats, that don’t actually mean what they think they mean

Does not just mean that goods or services are available for purchase, but that one can force others to pay for them against their will.
Making someone else sacrifice for the good of another, rather than sacrificing of themselves for the good of another.
To non-Democrats, conversations are held for the purpose of conveying information. To Democrats, conversations are only opportunities to engage in ritual brainwashing and confirmation bias. They don’t care if their recitation of tropes is false; what matters to them is whether they can get others to believe it simply through verbal bludgeoning, just like any other cult.
Not having to create any value for anyone else, in order to receive value from anyone else.
Fair share:
Democrats want: 1. To be the sole judges of what is “fair,” superceding even the participants in a trade, and 2. To apply the term only to the violent seizure of goods or money, but most importantly not to earning them. As far as “sharing,” again, this term is not to be used for benevolent acts of goodwill out of kindness, but only for violent pillaging.
Doesn’t actually exist, but delusional people sometimes use this term to signify that they don’t want to think about what something costs, who’s paying for it, or how to procure it ethically.
The concept that, “if I can get rich quick by stealing the earnings of others, then you can do it too!” without consideration for the lack of ethics, lack of scalability, lack of robustness, responsibility for backlash, incentivizing corruption, and making dependent upon the government.
Income inequality:
Democrats fallaciously believe that, once equal opportunity has been established for all, the end result of resource distribution will be equal, as well. This is an attempt to deny that natural consequences exist, so people who make different decisions and behave differently will achieve different outcomes. Democrats who are notoriously bad decision-makers and who behave badly are especially motivated to escape the consequences of their choices, so they use the term “income inequality” to try to pretend that their consequences are completely random and unrelated to their choices.
Poverty is sacred. Reasons for poverty are never to be questioned: the poor are never to be held responsible for breeding recklessly beyond their carrying capacity, never held responsible for squandering educational opportunities, never held responsible for the commission of crimes, and never held responsible for taking on too much unrealistic debt.
Anyone who owns $0.01 more than a Democrat. Any rich person is always seen as evil, regardless of their individual actions, accomplishments, or merits. They are held to blame jointly for all misbehavior of all other rich people through all of human history, and never treated as innocent until proven guilty.
Democrats themselves are never considered “rich,” even if they are in the top 1%.
Safety net:
Like charity, except with all responsibility, accountability, and safeguards to ensure scalability and sustainability removed. Democrats hate responsibility and accountability, and they actively work to destroy scalability and sustainability.
Democrats threaten net producers that if they don't give them unearned goods or services now, they will take an even greater amount away later, so they should take advantage of the current extortion scheme. They call this “savings” to taxpayers.
Single payer:
Like “free,” this is never technically accurate, but people who don’t want to think about where their resources come from will sometimes use this term for intermediaries that isolate Democrats from economic reality and help them pretend they don’t have to bear the costs of their decisions and desires.
Wage slave:
The mistaken belief that humans can be freed from the biological requirements of feeding, clothing, and sheltering themselves, so working to earn such required resources is somehow beneath them.