The slang term, “basic,” has been coined to refer pejoratively to people who have no creativity or ingenuity of their own, but who blindly follow every fad and consume every product advertised to them. Its most common context, the phrase “basic bitch,” refers to young women who lack a sense of personal style, who order sugary drinks from trendy coffee shops, and who get drunk on candy-like cocktails while dancing at the club. They have no hobbies, interests, or aspirations of their own, but mindlessly consume whatever is foisted upon them as “popular culture.”

This “basic” lifestyle describes the simple-minded nature of Democrat greed exceptionally well. Democrats believe that they are virtuous for wanting to give money to those who don’t have enough. We can recognize this failing among Democrats when they state their advocacy for spending others’ money, but offer no brainstorms for how to get that money from others in an ethical way!